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Augustinian Pedagogy Resources

Cracked Pots and Brave Hearts - Overview of Augustinian Pedagogy for Merrimack College (2004)
Characteristics of Augustinian Pedagogy (Threads to be Woven)
Presentation at Augustinian Education Congress in Rome (2005)
Augustinian Pedagogy and Catholic Social Teaching (Augustinian Values and Signs of the Times)
Presentation at Augustinian Education Congress (2005)
Considerations and Practices in Augustinian Pedagogy
Chapter of Basic Elements of Augustinian Pedagogy (2006)
Augustinian Approach to Global Competence
Keynote Address National Augustinian Educators Congress - Biñan, Philippines (2015)
Being an Augustinian Educator
Keynotes Address at from Augustinian Ethos Conference, Carlisle, England (2014)
Social and Emotional Learning - Augustinian Connections
Workshop Materials for OSA International Educators Congress, Lima, Peru (2012)
Augustinian Pedagogy as Encounters of Learning - Invited Address in Prague, Czech Republic (2008)
Engagement through Augustinian Pedagogy - (With Dr. Kathryn Nielsen)
Workshop Materials for OSA International Educators Congress, Villanova University, USA (2017)
Social and Emotional Learning in the Thought of Augustine of Hippo Augustine Conference at Badji Mokhtar
Annaba University Annaba, Algeria (2016)
Advice from Saint Augustine
Commencement Address, Villanova College (High School) King City, Ontario, Canada (2016)
Theological foundations for Augustinian Education
Education: an Augustinian approach
Climate in the Augustinian School (basic elements of Augustinian Pedagogy
Saint Augustine: student and teacher (basic elements of Augustinian Pedagogy)
A man for our times: st. Augustine and his heritage
Augustinian philosophy - between critical pedagogy and Neo-Scholasticism
Leadership styles of lay administrators in the perspective of Augustinian Spirituality
The student augustinian values institute
The augustinian values institute
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