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A grain of sand, a great mission: Augustinian social mission in Bocas de Toro

In recent days our EDUCAR team was able to live the experience of the Augustinian social service of the San Agustín de Panamá school, which has been carried out for more than 20 years in the most remote areas of the province of Bocas del Toro. This mission consists of doing small "works of love" in the communities of Alto Solón, San San Tigra, Barranco and Dos Caños. The students and teachers of San Agustin school will spend 15 days in their camps and are in charge of building various spaces for the benefit of the indigenous populations. The supervised works range from classrooms to sports fields, hygienic bathrooms, dining rooms, libraries, rural aqueducts, among others. This year it was the turn of Promotion23; more than 80 kids prepared themselves since last year, raising funds through school activities such as: "Yellow day" or "Talent show", to pay for part of the works. Undoubtedly, this experience combines the academic part with the experience of values, teaching young people that "you have to give without expecting anything in return" and that with these actions you can work for a fairer and more supportive country. Finally, it should be noted that this activity symbolizes very well the motto we are working on this year: "#TOGETHER", because it is thanks to the joint effort of students, parents, teachers and directives, that this has become a reality.

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