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Agreement for education

Sagrado Corazón de Guadalajara's school and the network of Augustinian schools (Spain), signed an agreement with Alcalá University for motivate students with high abilities through the STEM methodology.

"This is a wonderful opportunity", is how the directors of the educational center describe this strategic alliance with the University of Alcalá. The STEM methodology (acronyms that correspond to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) aims to be an educational approach that allows students to live active learning experiences and integrate various areas of knowledge, in order to develop skills for their lives and connect with the dynamics and challenges of the local and global context.

Germán Ros, is the director of the Research Group "Research, Build, Create" at the University of Alcalá, and who has developed this methodology. He is very excited to carry out these actions that will significantly benefit student learning in our schools. Undoubtedly, the agreement responds to the objective of our schools to provide a better response to the group of students with high abilities. For this reason, it is important to continue with the advisory work and development of the program, which benefits our students and supports the teaching work.

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