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Agustinian Pedagogical Foundations: An interview with José Antonio Martín-Lagos

The advisor of our EDUCAR Network, José Antonio Martín-Lagos Martínez, pedagogical director of the Santo Tomás De Villanueva School (Spain), tells us more about the Agustinian pedagogical foundations and the learning pyramid.

Hello, José Antonio, thank you for taking the time to share with us.

Thank you for the opportunity.

In the 7EDUCAR, you presented the new edition of the Agustinian Pedagogical Foundations. What novelties does this document bring?

The novelty in the new edition of the Agustinian Pedagogical Foundations is that it provides a more comprehensive approach by incorporating a new structure into the original document that guides teachers on how to implement pedagogical principles in the classroom. With the new document, we have tried to address three fundamental questions about the raison of Agustinian Recoletos educational centers: Why do we do it? What do we do? and How do we do it?

With the Agustinian student profile, we have described the characteristics that our students should have at the end of their educational stage, answering the question of why we do it? because they are our reason for being. The question of how we do it? responds to the elements of the educational process. In that section, the Agustinian pedagogical principles are described. The question of what we do? is the proof of this process, where the learning pyramid is described, which develops the methodologies used and relates them to each of the pedagogical principles.

To conclude, we have developed the Agustinian Pedagogical Style that provides guidance on how classes should be in an Augustinian Recollect school, that is, giving personality to the educational process.

How can we transmit the Pedagogical Foundations in educational centers?

We have the commitment to sensitize educational communities about our Agustinian Recoletos essence, and the pedagogical foundations are part of it. It will be continuous work, where I consider a training plan for the methodologies proposed by the Learning Pyramid necessary, and along with this training, it is essential that the management teams accompany educators in this process.

Also, it is important to promote it online and offline: through our social networks and websites; with posters, banners, or other elements in different areas of the centers, and placing the Learning Pyramid in a visible place in the center.

How can we receive more assistance on this document?

In the last meeting of the coordinating team of the EDUCAR Network, we have set the goal of organizing webinars during 2024 to assist in the implementation of objectives derived from the VII EDUCAR Meeting. We hope that through different sessions, our directors and teachers can clarify doubts and apply what they have learned to the reality of their educational centers.

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