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An educational mission that grows

Our coordinating team advances in the adaptation of the pedagogical bases, the charism evaluation tool and the evangelizing impulse in the educational context.

Our Agustina Recoleta International Educational Network EDUCAR continues to take steps in new management projects and educational excellence. During the month of February, the coordinating team met in Panama to present, review and organize the work proposals for the coming months. Specifically, the training plan, the Augustinian educator and student profiles, the Augustinian pedagogical innovation and the MEGCAR evaluation system were on the table.

The meeting was attended by the regional coordinators of North America, Central America and the Caribbean; South America; Spain; Philippines and Sierra Leone. The team coordinators also attended, who presented the work and proposals in the areas of formation, pastoral care, projects and communication. One of the most notable novelties is the revision of the Institutional Educational Project (PEI), on which some updates have been made based on the original text produced in 2014. Among other things, it has been intended that the document contains more specific and easier objectives to understand. These modifications will be presented at the next EDUCAR meeting. Likewise, the Augustinian pedagogical bases have also been reviewed. Augustinian pedagogy is based on an integral process (spiritual, intellectual, moral and of the will) aimed at making all the student's latent potential emerge and energize, through the cognitive force of love. Some of the modifications to this document have been the unification of some sections to lighten the document, in addition to the inclusion of specific methodological proposals and the "learning pyramid" that proposes six learning models: multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, meaningful and divergent learning. , critical thinking and thinking skills, interdisciplinary projects and early stimulation. In addition, the EDUCAR Network continues to advance in the implementation of MEGCAR, the management evaluation model of the Augustinian Recollect charism. For the development of the project, Josefa Guzmán, a pioneer in the creation of the model, has been appointed as the coordinator. The team responsible for MEGCAR will add different professionals from educational centers around the world. Work has also begun on a training plan, based on the team's proposal to involve the entire educational community. The project is still being formulated, but it takes into account that the training must be differentiated, considering new teachers and teachers with several years of experience in their educational center.

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