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We invite you to live again the final Gala of the International Festival of the Augustinian Song

The Grand Final of the Augustinian International Song Festival will be held on June 25th and will be broadcasted live on our Youtube channel. Check your schedule!
10 pm. Philippines
4 pm. Italy and Spain
11 am. Brazil and Argentina
10 am. Dominican Republic and Venezuela
9 am. Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru
8 am. Guatemala

There will be one winner for each category: A, B and C.
Here is a reminder of the shortlisted songs for the Grand Final:

CATEGORY A: up to 12 years old

Country: Colombia
Song title: Te busco
Colegio Agustiniano Ciudad Salitre

Country: España
Song title: Juntos hacia la Verdad
Colegio Agustiniano de Madrid

Country: Guatemala
Song title: Somos
Colegio Agustiniano Guatemala

CATEGORY B: from 12 to 18 years old

Country: Guatemala
Song title: A tu lado
Colegio Agustiniano Guatemala

Country: Brasil
Song title: Senhor, aqui estou
Colegio Santo Agostinho

Country: Venezuela
Song title: Destino agustiniano
Colegio Agustiniano Santo Tomás de Villanueva

Country: España

Song title: Sigo buscándote
Colegio Santo Tomás de Villanueva

CATEGORY C: 18 years and older

País: Brasil
Título de la canción: Deus do meu coração
Colegio Santo Agostinho Novo Leblon

País: España
Título de la canción: Toma y lee
Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Guadalajara

País: Colombia

Título de la canción: De Trinitate
Colegio Agustiniano Suba

País: Guatemala

Título de la canción: Inspira mi caminar
Colegio Agustiniano Guatemala

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