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pedagogical and pastoral resources

The educational project of the Order and the Augustinian pedagogical bases are the foundation of our educational mission.

(You can download them to know them better)

Every academic year the EDUCAR network offers its educational centers pedagogical and pastoral resources to develop the theme of the course.

One of the objectives of the Educational Project of the Order is to transmit Augustinian values adapted to the educational reality: interiority, truth, freedom, friendship, community and solidarity justice. Each academic year, one of these values is chosen to support the resources offered to work during the course.

The international pastoral team of the EDUCAR network, made up of pastoral managers from the different geographical areas, is in charge, each year, of preparing all the pedagogical-pastoral resources to offer to the network of educational centers.


The common thread of each course is a motto inspired by the thought of Saint Augustine, from which, along with the courage to work, pedagogical resources are developed.

Among the pedagogical-pastoral resources available each year are activities and dynamics for the beginning of the course, songs and multimedia resources inspired by the motto, celebrations for liturgical times, activities related to subjects, games, contests, etc.

The pedagogical-pastoral resources of this course and past courses can be accessed by selecting the desired year in the "RESOURCES" menu.

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