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The EDUCAR international educational network is made up of more than 100 educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect Family in America, Europe and Asia: universities; schools of infant, primary, secondary, high school education; vocational training centers and social-solidarity educational initiatives.


The Augustinian student loves the truth and therefore seeks it from concern and responsible freedom. Humble and receptive but open to dialogue and participatory, he begins his journey in self-knowledge to direct his life with a transcendent meaning.


The Augustinian educator believes in man and in his possibilities, considers himself a mediator and, from a joyful, humane and comprehensive perspective, provokes the dialogue that guides the student towards knowledge, towards truth. It bases its mission on the absolute belief that love empowers

Our mission

EDUCAR's main objective is to promote the relationship and collaboration between the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect family. They also seek to investigate and disseminate the principles of Augustinian pedagogy, collaborating with educational centers in the training of teachers.

Augustinian Pedagogy is based on a comprehensive process (spiritual, intellectual, moral and of the will) aimed at making emerge and dynamize, through the cognitive force of love, all the latent potentialities in the student.

This pedagogy is not a disinterested process with an end in itself. It is a process that carries a responsibility with life. Hence the breadth of its scope and its objectives.

It acts in an intellectual dimension, when it leads to the knowledge of things first and then to the knowledge of God. It acts in a moral dimension, when it guides the man towards an exemplary behavior above mere words or intentions. It acts in a dimension of the will, reorienting it, since knowing is not enough to improve, desire or love God.

Augustinian pedagogy finds in love the main engine for its development. Love drags and enhances the activity of knowing and at the same time gives meaning and dynamizes the search that man undertakes: to approach the love of God.

Augustinian pedagogy finds its scope in the fact that human nature can be perfected and that the soul contains in itself infinite potentialities that it can bring out.

EDUCAR Network
  • President: Antonio Carrón de la Torre, OAR (Italy)

  • Vowels:

    • William Villaflor, OAR (Philippines)

    • Juan Luis González, OAR (Spain)

    • Pedro Rivas, OAR (Panama)

    • Nicolás Caballero, OAR (Brazil)

For any questions about the structure or operation of the EDUCAR Network, you can contact

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