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3rd Innovation contest

International Contest of Good Pedagogical Practices and Innovative Educational Strategies, a proposal to collect among our educational centers initiatives that promote innovative strategies that facilitate the achievement of learning.

Who is it for?

The contest is aimed at all academics who carry out teaching tasks and who, during the beginning of the current educational cycle, are or have implemented good practices or innovative strategies in didactics, the use of ICT in the classroom, and evaluation strategies.

Contest Categories

a) Early Childhood Education Category

b) Primary Education Category

c) Category Secondary and Higher Education

How to sign up?

Review the contest rules here:

Registration for the Innovate contest - from theory to practice - is done virtually at the following email: In this same email the following will be attached:

• Learning experiences. See registration format in ANNEX No.1

• Participants will fill out ANNEX No. 2 – Assignment of rights and ethical commitment – ​​and send it signed and scanned together with the rest of the documents.

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