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Educate with fraternity, Pope Francis' message

"EDUCATE WITH FRATERNITY" is the first video of the Pope this 2023, which reaffirms the value and importance of educators in the lives of children and young people.

In this emotional message, the Pope shows us the educator as a witness of fraternity who does not deliver "his mental knowledge, but his convictions, his commitment to life." In this way, educators will be able to be "listened to much more carefully and will be creators of community".

All of us are called to educate in harmony; that is to say: to think what I feel and what I do; feel what I think and do; and do what I feel and think. This will be a challenge, but an opportunity for growth for all our Augustinian Recollect centers.

This video is part of the global initiative of "The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network", whose mission is to mobilize Catholics for prayer and action. Let's not stop praying for our Pope Francis.

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