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How was JMJAR and JMJ Lisbon 2023 lived?

Thanks to the work of the communications team of the Order of Augustinian Recollects, we have compiled what we have experienced in these days together with our young people from the JAR. This, without a doubt, has been an experience that has marked their lives, and that invites us, as our Pope Francis rightly says, to "Not be afraid" and move forward, together with Mary, to meet Jesus.

JMJAR 2023

JMJAR responds to the acronym of Augustinian Recollect World Youth Day. Our young people lived a week of much sharing and growth in their faith in the city of Salamanca (Spain).

This is the fifth edition of the JMJAR and it brought together more than 350 young people of 13 different nationalities (Spain, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, the Philippines, Peru and Panama). The first JMJAR took place in Madrid (Spain), the second in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the third in Pavia (Italy), the fourth in Panama.

The motto that was used for this JMJAR 2023 is 'Those who love, walk', from Sermon 306 of Saint Augustine. For this reason, JMJAR has two pilgrimages in its program. One of them, on Sunday, July 30, to Alba de Tormes, the birthplace of Santa Teresa de Ávila. The second, on Tuesday, August 1, to Fatima, on the way to Lisbon to participate in World Youth Day with Pope Francis.

During the JMJAR, the participants attended catechesis on different aspects of the Augustinian Recollect charism and the distinctive notes of the JAR. Likewise, they participated in group dynamics, cultural activities –such as the festival of nations, in which each delegation performs a demonstration of their culture–.


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