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IV Pastoralists Meeting in Venezuela

The meeting brought together directors and sisters from educational centers and foster homes in San Antonio (Miranda state) and the San Agustín de Hipona retreat house in Venezuela.

With joy, this wonderful gathering that united our Augustinian Recollect sisters in fraternity concluded. The topics discussed were the result of the VII EDUCAR meeting held in the city of Guatemala last November. These topics were addressed to improve and enrich their mission as educators and religious, transmitting faith through the ARCJ charisma and the educational goal of "Shaping the mind and heart in the love of Christ, until becoming a dwelling place of God in the Spirit."

Some topics included: Institutional Educational Project of the Order (PEI), Pedagogical Foundations, an introduction to the Competence Dictionary (DICAR), and the excellence certification (MELIOR) for the continuous improvement of their centers, as well as the presentation of the Training Plan of the apostolate secretariat in the education area.

Together, they reflected on strategic choices regarding leadership, pedagogy, evangelization, and charity. Reminding us that the PEI is a reference document for each evangelizing and educational endeavor, defining the mission, vision, values, and identity of our centers. Likewise, the congregational fundamental pillars were dynamically and creatively developed, including the learning pyramid.

With deep spirituality, each moment was experienced in the light of interiority through prayer, personal and community reflection, and the Holy Mass; at all times embodying the motto for the year 2023-2024: "Aspire to greatness? Start with the small."

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