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Motto 2023-2024: Dream big, start small

September arrives and the new academic year begins in several countries of our educational network. With this, we begin a new challenge at the hands of Saint Augustine: 'Dream big, start small'.

Why of our motto

In the words of the Prior General, the year 2024 will be an opportunity for the Order to deepen and value small things, the day-to-day things that directly affect us. We have the feeling that we take them for granted and we think it would not be bad to go back to them. Pope Francis says that we must change the world with the small things of each day, with generosity, with sharing, listening to others and creating attitudes of brotherhood, because salvation does not come from powers or from "something majestic". but "of the small", of the simplicity of the things of God. When Jesus proposes the path to salvation, he never speaks of big things, but of small things. For this reason, the motto for the year 2024 is taken from a phrase by Saint Augustine, specifically from Sermon 69: “Do you aspire to great things? Begin with the smallest” (Sermo 69, 1, 2)

What value will be emphasized this year?

This period 2023-2024 we will work on the value of INTERIORITY, of which Saint Augustine tells us: «Do not want to disperse outside, enter within yourself, because truth dwells in the inner man; and if you find your nature changeable, transcend yourself. In this course of little things we have the possibility of remembering ('going through the heart again') and updating the richness of the Augustinian charism in educational centers based on the values ​​presented in the PEI. A great challenge and a great opportunity.

How can I apply it in my educational center?

The EDUCAR network team has developed a series of resources for this year, which you can find at the following link: or in the RESOURCES tab of our page Web.

What song will our motto have?

"The value of the small" is the song that will accompany us during the course. It has been composed by Gaby Ríos, from the Fray Luis de León School in Querétaro (Mexico), and we present it to you here:

If you have any questions or proposals, you can contact the international coordination of the EDUCAR network at:

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