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Participate in our contests

Our International Network launched two contests for our entire Agustino Recoleta family. These are the "I International Contest of Artistic Creation" and the "II Song Festival".

How can I participate?

Check the bases of both contests here:

Who can participate?

All the members of our educational centers of the Agustino Recoleta family (students/residents, alumni/residents, staff, catechists and religious communities that meet the aforementioned characteristics and are interested) may participate.

The contests have 3 categories, defined by the ages of the participants:

- Category A (Children): Up to 12 years old.

- Category B (Youth): From 13 to 17 years old.

- Category C (Adult): From 18 years old.

What focus do the contests have?

The Artistic Creation contest has 3 disciplines: Photography, Literature and Design. In the first disciplines they will make direct reference to the motto "Together"; while in the discipline of Design it will be related to the motto of the EDUCAR network for the next course: “Do you aspire to great things? Start with the little ones."

In the Song Festival contest, the lyrics of the songs must follow the theme designated for the contest: “Do you aspire to great things? Start with the little ones." The duration of each song will have a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 5 minutes.

Proposal Submission Date

Submit your work until May 31, 2023.

The Artistic Creation contest must send their proposal to their pastoral coordinator or managers, or to the email:

In the Song Festival contest you must send your song to:

Read the full terms and conditions of both contests here:

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