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What the Epiphany of the Lord Teaches Us

The Magi represent all those who tirelessly seek the light of God. To this day, they remain a unique way for us to approach our Savior through their actions.

  1. BELIEVE: The Wise Men were not Jews like Joseph and Mary. They came from distant lands (from the East: Persia and Babylon), following the star that would lead them to find the Savior of the World. They represent all the peoples of the earth who, from paganism, have come to know the Gospel.

  2. PERSEVERE: They left their homeland, home, comforts, and family to worship the Baby Jesus. They persevered despite the difficulties that arose: a long, challenging, uncomfortable, and tiring journey. Following God involves sacrifice, but when it comes to God, any effort and work are worthwhile.

  3. RECOGNIZE GREATNESS IN THE SMALL: "And falling to their knees, they worshiped him" (Mt 2:1-12). They entered into intimate contact with God and recognized their need for Him in the small figure of the baby before them.

  4. EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING VALUABLE TO OFFER: Each Wise Man brought a special gift as part of themselves: gold (given to kings), frankincense (given to God), and myrrh (used for anointing chosen men). Like them, we all have unique gifts that we can share with others. Do not underestimate what you can contribute.

  5. ASK FOR DIRECTIONS: They asked for the way. It's okay to ask for help or advice because we don't have all the answers. Sometimes, the best way to arrive is by asking.

  6. JOY: The Wise Men felt great joy upon seeing the baby Jesus. They knew how to appreciate God's great love for humanity.


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