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Workshop on MEGCAR application experiences

Already immersed in the organization of the VII meeting EDUCAR, our educational centers shared this May 29 the Workshop on application experiences of the Evaluation Model for the management of the Augustinian Recollect charism.

Our EDUCAR team advisor and head of MEGCAR, Josefa Guzmán, began by recalling the history of the model, as well as the most important milestones in the context of its application. He highlighted that one of the most relevant works has been the alignment of concepts, considering the reality of the different educational centers and their origin according to the region to which they belong. He also recalled that after the pandemic, different educational centers resumed the self-assessment of the model, reviewing and adapting the instruments and exchanging opinions for the development of the different phases.

As part of the workshop, we had the sharing of experiences from educational centers in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Mexico. This space for reflection allowed us to know how the application of this challenge is being carried out, and in turn, an example to motivate his colleagues in the certification of our charism. Likewise, the workshop had a space to resolve doubts and concerns of all the participants, in order to continue promoting the continuous improvement of our educational work.

The vision that we have today of education, the concept of quality, the forms of learning and society as a whole places us in a scenario of continuous change that entails new challenges. For this reason, this Evaluation Model is born as a living instrument that will gradually adapt to new realities and renews us in the differentiated value that we have as Augustinian Recollect centers.

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