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EDUCAR Network

The educational centers of the EDUCAR network have different profiles: from large universities with thousands of students, through infant, primary, secondary and high school education schools, vocational education centers, nurseries for young children, care centers for children at social risk , community centers for school support and human development in low-income areas, educational centers in mission areas with difficult geographic access, volunteer training centers for social projects, etc. Despite the different profiles, the educational centers of the EDUCAR network are based on the Institutional Educational Project of the Order of Augustinian Recollects (PEI) and on the Augustinian pedagogical bases, which guarantees the integral development of the person from Christian and Augustinians.

Geographical distribution of educational centers

The more than 100 educational centers of the EDUCAR network are distributed, mainly in the areas of America, Europe and Asia.

Educational centers in the America area

They are found in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Peru.

Educational centers in the Europe area

They are found, fundamentally, in Spain.

Educational centers in the Asia area

They are found mainly in the Philippines.

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