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The EDUCAR network has a training commitment with the teachers of the Augustinian Recollect Family and with all those who want to get closer to Augustinian pedagogy.
EDUCAR offers face- to- face training through specialists in Pedagogy, Philosophy, Theology and Augustinology, and online training thanks to the collaboration of the Uniagustiniana of Bogotá (Colombia) .
Teacher training project

The Augustinian Recollect training program for teachers is based on decision D.12. of the Project of life and mission of the Order, where it is asked to "elaborate and apply an immersion program in Augustinian pedagogy for religious, teachers and other collaborators with less than ten years of stay in educational centers."

This training initiative is also based on two of the fundamental objectives of the international Augustinian Recollect educational network EDUCAR:

• To promote the relationship and collaboration between the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect family.

• Disseminate the principles of Augustinian pedagogy in the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect family and collaborate with the educational centers in the training of teachers.

Formation project embodied

Taking into account the particularities of our different educational presences in the Order, the proposal of the Secretariat of Educational Apostolate in coordination with the EDUCAR network is divided into three training offers:




Online introductory course to Augustinian Pedagogy

This course offered in Spanish and English is tutored with 80% of online work (readings, videos, questionnaires, reflections) and 20% of face-to-face work (sharing and development of activities). The course is endorsed by the UNIAGUSTINIANA of Bogotá and, upon completion, an official certificate will be delivered. The contents are divided into 7 blocks with an intermediate evaluation and a final work:

  • Block I. Saint Augustine and the Augustinian family

  • Block II. Fundamentals of Augustinian pedagogy

  • Block III. The student: protagonist of the educational act

  • Block IV. The Augustinian Educator

  • Block V. Augustinian Values

  • Block VI. Shared mission

  • Block VII. The institutional educational project OAR

  • Final work: elaboration of a didactic unit taking into account the contents seen during the course.

Online training project

Through this program it is intended to facilitate as much as possible for everyone the access to a common and initial formation on Augustinian pedagogy. The courses offered in this modality are the following:

• Introduction to Augustinian pedagogy

• Applied Augustinian Pedagogy

Online course of applied Augustinian Pedagogy

It is an online tutored course that aims to introduce teachers to specific techniques derived from the foundations of Augustinian pedagogy. The course is endorsed by the UNIAGUSTINIANA of Bogotá and, upon completion, an official certificate will be delivered. It consists of 5 thematic blocks, with an intermediate evaluation and a final project.

  • Block I. Applied Augustinian Pedagogy. Analysis and guided reading of the works De Magistro, De doctrina christiana and De Doctrina Christiana.

  • Block IV. Curiosity

  • Block II. The game

  • Block III. The tale and the story

  • Block V. The dialogue

  • Final work: elaboration of a project of systematized integration of Augustinian pedagogy techniques applied in the educational project of the center.

Local training program

The objective of the local training program is to offer educational centers a thematic orientation so that, within a period of 5 years, they can provide their newly hired teachers, or others who deem appropriate, complete training at 4 levels: human, professional, Christian and Augustinian. We consider that these levels must be present in any training proposal. Each year of this program will mean an advance in the specific training of these levels. The local training program will offer guidelines and materials for the development of this training, but it will be the educational centers themselves that must select the appropriate people and the methodologies to teach it.

The thematic and timing proposal is distributed over 5 years, in each of which it is intended to advance in each of the planned training levels: human, professional, Christian and Augustinian.

What to do to request training or more information about a course?

The EDUCAR network offers online courses through the UNIAGUSTINIANA virtual education platform. For face-to-face education it is necessary to check dates and people available in each area. For more information on training, the management teams of educational centers can contact EDUCAR at its headquarters in Rome:

General Curia of the Augustinian Recollects

Viale dell'Astronomia, 27

00144 Rome (Italy)

Tel: (+39) 06 592 65 34

Fax: (+39) 06 592 08 87

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