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Augustinian notebooks

The Augustinian Booklets are teaching materials about Saint Augustine, his life, his work and his thought, to be used at each of the educational levels. They contain resources to be able to get closer to, in a simple way, Saint Augustine and the Augustinian family. There is a primer for each educational level, starting with the levels of early childhood education (kindergarten), primary education, secondary education and high school (grades 10 and 11).

A review and update of these contents is currently being carried out and will be available soon. For the moment, we offer the latest edition of the materials that the Augustinian Recollects of Colombia released in 2015:

Augustine and the fraternity

Augustine child

We are friends of Agustín

Augustinian celebrations

The conversion

Fruits of conversion

Augustinian spirituality

Augustine pastor

Agustin educator

Augustine catechist

Augustinian Anthropology

Augustine philosopher

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