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Life Project - Human Formation

A proposal for human formation,

ethical and religious, aimed at young people

Plan V is born from an attentive look, from those who take LIFE seriously, because they are convinced of wanting to fulfill themselves as a person, of finally finding the happiness they want. Starting from an awareness of what I AM (recognizing myself), start a process that leads me to build a viable path to achieve HAPPINESS . From years of experience in training and accompanying young people, we have come to the conclusion that every day the need for young people to carry out a process that leads them to discover a state, a way of life becomes more urgent. , a place, an activity, and much more than this, a VOCATION , that gives them satisfaction for what they do, that makes them truly happy. This process is very important to do before starting university studies and especially in the beautiful moments of life, when we begin the search for a partner and sexual identity.

All those responsible for education (educators and especially parents), must be an instrument to accompany, arouse or awaken in young people the interest that leads them to carry out this process; We have the need to accompany each and every one of the young people with whom we can have contact, so that they can carry out a successful, effective and adequate process that allows them to make DECISIONS , with a view to defining their future, the activity that give positive satisfactions in life: MARRIAGE , COMMITTED LAY LIFE , LIFE OF SERVICE TO SOCIETY , through a profession or a special consecration in the CONSECRATED or PRIESTLY LIFE .

Today's life has many distractions for today's youth. Society is experiencing a situation marked by many fronts; communications are a reality that facilitates the accelerated progress of society; globalization in the economy and the production of technology makes available innumerable amenities that facilitate all the activities of the person and the company; the policy and direction of the entities is achieved by means that are not always consistent with ethical values; That is why the environment, which is lived today, can generate in young people disinterest and ease when it comes to approaching the fundamental project of their life. Modernism does not prepare them for effort, rather it forces them to always seek what requires less effort and in most cases, not worry about it, but wait. The answer to what do you want to do or be ?, in many cases is WHAT RESULTS, WHAT TO PLAY ... On many other occasions, it is rather sought, and unfortunately, invited by the parents themselves, to present themselves to the university for a career that provides superior economic satisfaction, and to decide for it, also sacrificing personal tastes or interests and, worst, personal skills or qualities, which are not well known or are ignored when making decisions.

Knowing the origin of the human being, recognizing our dependence on the CREATOR and Lord of history and life, is fundamental - in his interior, in his heart !, in the silence !, the emotion !, the dialogue, sharing !, the spectacle of life, at dawn! Change yourself to build your own dreams and build a new world. Life for children, a game, we must dream; a passion for lovers, we must feel; a concern for parents, we must work; a creativity for artists, we must produce; fun for all, we must enjoy it. Recognize that life, my life, is a wonderful gift from God - Mystery, masterpiece of his creation; the only answer to all our questions is love.

Plan V is an invitation to all educators (parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff from educational centers, religious and people interested in accompanying young people) to reflect on these ideas, which today may seem unimportant, but what They affect us, whether we like it or not, the whole of society and are fundamental responsibility of all.

Plan V is divided into 8 levels, for each of which there is a manual and some resources for thematic development and deepening of reflection. All the material has been developed by ESUNA, the spirituality department of the Uniagustiniana de Bogotá (Colombia), under the coordination of Fr. Diego Montoya Naranjo.

Plan V is offered by the EDUCAR network to all educational centers interested in accompanying children, adolescents and young people in their formative process of human and spiritual maturation.

Plan V - Level 0. Definition | Design of a life project | The human person
Plan V - Level 1. Characteristics | My reality
Plan V - Level 2. Relationships | Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Communications
Plan V - Level 3. Loves | The seven loves | My friendship
Plan V - Level 4. Family | Christian virtues | My home
Plan V - Level 5. Fullness | Justice works | My partner
Plan V - Level 6. Freedom | Sources | My freedom
Plan V - Level 7. Decision | Happiness | My vocation
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