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The Annual CST-R Recollection for Thomasian Community

Photos and Story By Georgene Quilaton-Tambiga

September 11, 2021— Around 44 members of the Thomasian community of teachers, staff and scholars of Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (READS) joined the Saturday-off from daily academic chores at the school to focus on their spiritual well-being while surrounded by trees and religious installations at Monteagudo Recoletos.

Rev. Fr. Romeo Ben Potencio, OAR was the recollection master. Though the time for lecture and reflection was shortened to just half of the day, Fr. Potencio maximized the brief sessions with the Thomasian community which was divided into two groups through scripture reading, sharing and reflection.

The recollection focus on human suffering and God’s mercy was apt as the community is now experiencing varied types and levels of suffering during a pandemic. Fr. Potencio, the current director of the Religious Education Department of the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, deepened the sharing by citing personal experiences and encounters that exemplify human suffering, endurance and the triumph of God’s love and mercy.

Rev. Msgr. Erwin D. Magnanao, San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral Director and a member of CST-R Batch 1988, joined the community of Augustinian Recollects in giving the Sacrament of Penance to everyone who participated in the recollection. CST-R’s Campus Ministry Office facilitated and organized this year’s faculty and staff recollection.

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