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The Success of the XVIII Memorial Padre Marcelino Popular Race

3,000 runners come together to build a water well in Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the Arcores International Solidarity Network.

Granada became the stage for the XVIII Memorial Padre Marcelino Popular Race on Sunday, April 14, 2024, the traditional event organized every year by the Agustinos Sports Club in collaboration with the Sports Department of the City Council of this Andalusian city.

More than 3,000 runners filled the streets, not only in search of victory but also driven by the firm purpose of contributing to the project of the Arcores International Solidarity Network in Sierra Leone. The race took place on four different circuits, which allowed dividing the competition into different categories.

In this way, through the money raised from registrations and the zero number bibs, every step taken in Granada translated into a gesture of help for the construction of a water well at the Saint Paul school campus in the rural community of Kamalo, in the northern part of the country.

This infrastructure will guarantee access to clean water for hundreds of students and community residents, promoting sustainable development and improving living conditions in the area. Likewise, it will prevent the children of this school and their families from having to travel long distances in search of water and consuming contaminated water from rivers or stagnant areas, with the consequent risk of contracting serious diseases.

The school campus, which has 710 students and 14 teachers, was one of the places visited by the Prior General of the Augustinian Recollects, Fr. Miguel Ángel Hernández, during his recent visit to this African country. Additionally, it constitutes one of the most important projects for the Order in Sierra Leone. Along with this initiative, training and awareness-raising activities are carried out for the community on the proper use of clean water and other hygienic practices.


Arcorres is an international solidarity network structured in nodes by countries. Each country where the Augustinian Recollect Family is present has a national Arcores, constituted as a legal entity in accordance with its own legislation. Each national Arcores is composed of all the branches of the Augustinian Recollect Family present in the country, with their respective NGOs, institutions, and existing social initiatives.

Arcorres is responsible for promoting and enhancing the work for social justice and solidarity of the Augustinian Recollect Family in the country. To do this, it organizes itself in the most convenient way according to its reality and defines the priorities, lines of action, and projects it will carry out based on its experience, capacity, and the social needs of its specific reality.

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