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A Synod to rise up and walk together

For the first time in its 28-year history, the JAR have celebrated a Synod with young people and religious to revitalize the Augustinian Recollect youth charism.

Editorial Augustinian Recoletos-. The religious and young people who have participated in the JAR Synod share the same feeling: the Spirit has been with them and has enlightened them during the six days of meeting. From July 21 to 26, the Augustinian Recollect Youth have celebrated, for the first time in their history, a Synod with the desire to revitalize a project that was born 28 years ago and that, after this meeting, walks with more momentum.

The Agustiniana University Residence in Salamanca has welcomed the synod members who have worked for six days, in common and in groups, morning and afternoon, with full freedom to express their concerns, their wishes and, above all, their proposals. The Prior General, Fray Miguel Ángel Hernández, as President of the Synod, and the Augustinian Recollect Bishop, Mons. Carlos María Domínguez, have helped in this work.

The more than 35 young people and religious of more than ten different nationalities have worked under a true synodal spirit that has allowed them to listen with respect to the interventions, to clearly discern what God wants from the JAR and to speak, encouraged by the Spirit, seeking what better for youngsters All the work has been carried out in a climate of spiritual conversation, one of the keys to the synodal spirit.

During the Synod the figure of blind Bartimaeus was present. The words that Jesus' disciples said to him – “Cheer up, get up! He calls you”– have been the motto of the meeting and the guide for the synodists. During the retreat on the first day, Bishop Domínguez tried to enlighten the young people by reflecting on the Gospel passage and encouraging them to be "other Bartimaeans" who shout out to Jesus, trust in him and follow him along the way.

The Synod has worked on four thematic blocks: XXX. They are not deliberate but have arisen from the first phases of the Synod, dedicated to listening to young people. From his ideas came the working document, which has served as a reference for the synod. The synodal assembly has listened daily to the interventions of those present and has subsequently reflected in smaller circles to jointly propose the decisions and lines of work that have been approved in the last day.

The main task of the Synod was the revitalization of the JAR. Despite cultural differences, this meeting has verified that all the communities of young Augustinian Recollects share the same desire: to follow Christ and make him known, living with one soul and one heart directed towards God. The Synod has reinforced this conviction around which the life and mission of the Augustinian Recollect youth movement revolve.

In the closing Eucharist, the Augustinian Recollect Bishop, Bishop Carlos María Domínguez, addressed the Prior General to thank him for the initiative and asked him to convey to the entire Order "that we are very happy to have the young people with us."

The JAR have felt the strength of the Spirit and, like Bartimaeus, have risen up, responding to the call of Christ. The synodal spirit has made it possible to hear the voice of God and act for Him. Today, the JAR walk stronger and more united. The objective has been met.

Look here the photos of the JAR SYNOD

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